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• Simulation in Medical Practice
• Simulation in Nursing Practice
• Training in Emergency Medical Response
• Sales & Installation of Medical Equipments
• Consultancy in Medical Simulation


 Training in Emergency Medical Response

Emergency medical responder’s are using patient simulation today to practice lifesaving skills that require precision and speed, such as appropriate evacuation, airway management, rapid intravenous access etc. They are creating interdisciplinary disaster scenarios to improve communications among different response teams. They are leading students through golden hour scenarios, covering all aspects of patients care from the point of injury to transport to the operating room. CAE Healthcare offers the most authentic training tools for the rigors of emergency medical response.

Medical Education Simulation

From basic clerkship to anesthesia practice, to point-of-care ultrasound scan to laparoscopic surgery medical schools incorporate simulation into curriculums to provide the most current training for residents, students and even undergrads. They are using start-of-art simulation to prepare tomorrow’s physician for a rapidly advancing healthcare environment.

From laparoscopic surgery to point-of-care ultrasound to anesthesia delivery, CAE healthcare delivers state-of0art simulation solutions that can meet the challenges of resident training, professional certification and competency assessment for physicians.