Forceps Vacuum Delivery Obstetric Manikin

Forceps Vacuum Delivery OB Manikin - Light Skin

The Forceps/Vacuum Delivery OB Manikin is used in "Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics" (ALSO) training programs. The manikin has all of the same realistic and accurate anatomical manikin features as in our Obstetrical Manikin #180, but with added features of premature and full term fetuses, Forceps and Vacuum Extractor not included. Key Features:
  • Soft vinyl pelvis replicates resistance encountered in a delivery requiring forceps or vacuum intervention
  • Removable abdominal overlay provided is different from those that come with the #180 OB manikin, but the overlays are interchangeable, and optional
  • Simulated blood powder
  • Extra vulva
  • Carry bag

Skull Model with Facial Muscles

The face and mastication muscles are illustrated on the right half of this skull model. The face musculature can easily and precisely be differentiated from the mastication musculature by using two colours. On the left half the muscle origins and insertions are marked with colours (origin: red, insertion: blue). The jaw is movable and due to the flexible musculature the rudimentary chewing motion can be demonstrated. Cranium and m. masseter are detachable.

Birthing Stages Trainer

Birthing Stages Trainer Trainees and students in midwifery and obstetrics can practice correctly assessing the progress of the birth by palpating, using the birth stages trainer. By practicing on the birth stages trainer, the standard of clinical practice in midwifery and obstetrics can be considerably improved. The trainer consists of a set of 6 inserts that show the level of cervical dilation and effacing. The inserts can be used both as stand-alone trainers and as an extension module for birth simulator P90. The inserts look the same from the outside, but indicate, using a number code on the back, the condition of the cervix on the inside.

Venipuncture and Injection Demonstration Arm

Life/form® Venipuncture and Injection Demonstration Arm

This White Life/form Venipuncture and Injection Demonstration Arm is an economical IV demonstration arm constructed of soft material with lifelike veins in the skin surface that are visible and palpable. No internal tubing exists, but the skin can be punctured repeatedly. No blood to set up, no mess to clean up, and no leaking. May be used in venipuncture practice when fluid return is not essential, and is suitable for allied IV demonstrations and practice (flexion, cleaning, taping). Intramuscular injections can be practiced in the deltoid region. The skin and underlying foam may be cut for suturing practice. This lightweight practice arm provides a more lifelike feel than heavier models on the market, and makes it easier to transport for demonstrations. Inexpensive enough so that each student can have their own arm. *NOTE: We recommend that no fluids be injected into this arm.

SOMSO 14-Pieces Model of the Skull with Cervical Vertebral Column and Hyoid Bone

SOMSO 14-Pieces Model of the Skull with Cervical Vertebral Column and Hyoid Bone

Natural size, made from SOMSO-Plast®, after Prof. Dr. Dr. J. W. Rohen, Department of Anatomy, University of Erlangen. Version as QS 8/3 but with cervical vertebral column and hyoid bone. Weight 1.220 kg.

Cleaning and disinfecting your SOMSO Model: Spray a rapid and effective water based disinfectant for use on surfaces and wipe with a soft cloth. The disinfectant spray must be pH neutral, alcohol-free, aldehyde free, fragrance-free and nonflammable.

Wound Care and Bandaging Techniques Trainer

Wound Care and Bandaging Techniques Trainer With the Trainer for wound care and bandaging techniques for trainee nurses and doctors, students learn how to care correctly for their patients’ wounds and can practice a wide range of dressing and bandaging techniques. By training, the subsequent care of real patients can be markedly improved and hygiene standards and protocols can be respected.

3B Birthing Simulator PRO

The 3B Scientific® Birthing Simulator P90 PRO has been developed for the skill training in normal deliveries, in complicated deliveries and in obstetric emergencies. Obstetric simulation has proven successful to enhance the training of delivery skills, following of protocols and reaction in emergency situation. Assessment and manipulation of fetal positions: Birthing complications are in general less likely when an abnormal fetal position or presentation can be detected before the labor process starts. Using obstetric simulation, trainees will learn how to detect abnormal positions and presentations, and how to use manual techniques to assist the birthing process. Training of manual birthing maneuvers (like Leopold, or Pinard’s) must be trained so that correct measures are applied during complicated deliveries. Furthermore, the trainee will learn when to apply obstetric emergency interventions (like a cesarean section).

Susie® Simon® Patient Care Simulator with Ostomy

Susie® Simon® Patient Care Simulator with Ostomy S201 Introduced more than 40 years ago, our Susie Simon® Patient Care Simulator

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