Adam Rouilly Digital Eye Examination – Retinopathy Trainer

Adam Rouilly Digital Eye Examination - Retinopathy Trainer

Adam Rouilly’s already successful AR303 Eye Retinopathy Trainer has been completely redesigned to use the latest in high resolution digital screen technology - enhancing realism and the training experience. Our new AR403 DIGITAL EYE RETINOPATHY TRAINER includes 36 diabetic, common and less common retinal conditions to offer excellent ‘hands-on’ experience in examination of the eyes and the use of an ophthalmoscope.

1- Year CPR & Trauma Care Simulator

1-Year CPR and Trauma Care Simulator The One-Year-Old CPR Patient Simulator is a full-body 1-year pediatric patient simulator designed to help participants practice and hone basic life support and CPR skills. Fully articulating head and jaw and realistic anatomical landmarks enable participants to work hands-on during chest compression and ventilation exercises.

Obstetric Manikin Childbirth Simulator

Obstetrical Manikin Childbirth Simulator, Dark

This is an anatomically correct pelvic model with full term newborn and placenta to give your trainees realistic practice in multiple techniques, and to learn the procedure for emergency childbirth.
  • disposable umbilical cords
  • clamps
  • easily replaceable spare vulva
  • powder to make simulated blood
  • a modular pregnant belly overlay
  • and a clear abdominal overlay
The modular overlay has a self-contained fetus for practicing the Leopold's maneuver. The lifelike pelvic cavity has pronounced pelvic landmarks.

Advanced OB Susie Childbirth Skills Trainer

Advanced OB Susie® - Childbirth Skills Trainer

The Advanced OB Susie® S500.200 is a versatile childbirth simulator designed to allow participants to appreciate the complete birthing experience from the onset of labor, through delivery, and postpartum care. The OB Susie simulator's lifelike features ensure participants can go hands-on and practice the skills needed to provide safe and effective patient care during routine and difficult deliveries, even high-risk low-frequency events like vertex or breech deliveries. Participants can use real equipment to practice vacuum or forceps assisted deliveries and control postpartum hemorrhage.

Susie® Simon Newborn Patient Care Simulator

Susie® Simon Newborn Patient Care Simulator

The Susie Simon® S100 is a full-term newborn patient simulator designed to help participants train and develop nursing care and CPR skills. Participants can work hands-on and gain clinical competence in NG intubation and male/female catheterization skills.

Advanced Infant Intubation Head with Board

Advanced Infant Intubation Head with Board This station trainer incorporates new skin technology. The advantages of durability and lifelike appearance, in association with the convenience of a lightweight stand, put this device at the head of the class for pediatric airway training. This new material eliminates tearing of the airway, saving the need for costly repairs caused by beginning student intubation attempts. Translucent property allows for lifelike illumination of the airway and neck as the skill is attempted. Vocal cords are highlighted for easy viewing, the tongue swells, and all the anatomical landmarks are present.

StandInBaby Training Newborn Baby Simulator

StandInBaby Training Baby Simulator

Engineered joints that mirror the range of movement of a real newborn baby for a seriously life-like feel! SIB is the worlds first and only fully articulated newborn simulation training aid with engineered joints that mirror the range of movement of a real newborn baby, just like holding a sleeping baby. The product is aimed at newborn handling training and joint manipulation in order to enhance newborn safety by allowing healthcare professionals simulate newborn manual handling techniques to close the gap between novice and competent healthcare professionals.

Animal Cell Model

Animal Cell Model The two piece animal cell model shows the form and structure of a typical animal cell as

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