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3B Catheterization Trainer Simulator Set PRO Version, Male and Female

The P93 PRO catheterization trainer set can be used to realistically demonstrate, practice and evaluate female and male bladder catheterizations either via the urethra (transurethral) or the abdominal wall (suprapubic). The easy-to-change genital inserts are placed into the anatomically correct lower abdominal model and held in place with magnets. Both inserts are made from soft, flexible material: Foreskin and labia are movable and the penis can be stretched. This way the student can practice all the necessary gestures for catheterization. The material gives a realistic feeling when inserting and removing the catheter into the bladder with realistic resistance and insertion depths.

3B Catheterization Trainer Simulator PRO Version, Female

3B Catheterization Trainer Simulator PRO Version, Female The P93 PRO female catheterization trainer can be used to realistically demonstrate, practice

Heart and Lung Sounds Adult Torso

Heart and Lung Sounds Adult Torso The amazing technology that simulates the various heart and breath sounds is hidden within the stethoscope bell itself. There are no bulky boxes or transmitters, making it easy to use and realistic. Simply press the bell against the simulatorā€™s skin at the correct anterior or posterior auscultatory site and listen to the corresponding sound. The VS100/VS105 include a reference key card that indicates the auscultatory sites locations and the sound types available. Additionally, the package includes a set of optional loud speakers useful when teaching an audience. Features Hear the appropriate heart or lung sound as bell of stethoscope is moved across the front and back of the torso Full size adult torso with palpable anatomic landmarks Sensor network hidden beneath the skin Includes our Virtual StethoscopeĀ® with multiple heart and lung sounds Instruction manual An external speaker plugs into the Virtual Stethoscope so a classroom can hear what the student hears Carrying bag

Lumbar Disc Herniated, 2x Life-size

This model of two lumbar vertebrae in about double life size has the opportunity to demonstrate a lateral intervertebral disc

Stan Skeleton Model On Pelvic Stand

Human Skeleton Model Stan with pelvic mounted stand A10 – Includes 3B Smart Anatomy Proven Quality – even more stable!