About Alpha Century Simulations

Established in 2015, Alpha Century Simulations has become one of the top companies in Nigeria supplying medical simulators and anatomical models to the Educational Market.

Health care demands are our single focus and they motivate us to carry the best line of products and to invest in training and customer care. Our product line includes Anatomical Models and Charts, Realistic Medical Simulators, Aging and Hemiplegia Simulation Suits, Biology Models & Supplies, Botany Models, CPR Manikins, Dental Manikins, Health Education Products, Zoology Models, Injection and I.V. Trainers, Life Support Trainers, Patient Care Manikins and Ultrasound Phantoms.

We offer the highest quality products at competitive prices and we are proud to offer the best customer support to health care professionals and students in any area. If you have any questions, get in touch!

Zoology Models (1)

Somso Models (10)

Medical Simulators (33)

Injection and I.V. Trainers (8)



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Its not only about the items, we pay detailed attention to give you quality products that last.



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